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Nvidia introduced Geforce GTX 780 for Rs. 39,567 ($712.57)

Today on May 24th 2013, Nvidia the leading brand for Graphics card launched it's latest GPU called as Geforce GTX 780. The price tab for Geforce GTX 780 is Rs. 39,567 ($712.57).

Nvidia calls this GTX 780 GPU a new best-in-class enthusiast gaming GPU.

The Geforce GTX 780 is powered by GK110 chip. The same chip which is used in GTX TITAN. GTX 780 has all desirable features of GTX TITAN and has 50% more memory and 50% more CUDA cores than GTX 680 and 35% more faster than it's predecessor.

Side view of the new GK110-powered GeForce GTX 780
(Photo :

Below is the picture of Specifications comparison between GTX TITAN, GTX 780 and GTX 680 :

(Photo :

As you can see, the new GTX 780 is faster than GTX 680 and has the same chip as GTX TITAN and is $565 dollar cheaper than TITAN. So, it's  worth a purchasable card.

Nvidia making full use of it's increased memory bandwith, extra CUDA cores, faster and more efficient, GK110 kepler GPU. The GTX 780 is 35% faster than it's predecessor at resolution of 1920x1080. However, as Nvidia benchmarks show performance increase upto 51% at 1920x1080 and 2560x1600 resolutions.

Game Performance for the GeForce GTX 780 vs. GTX 680 at 1920x1080. 
(Photo :

As you can see above, GTX 780 handles the new-released Metro Last Light with ease even at resolution of 1920x1080, with 54 frames per second with Tessellation and PhysX enabled. Performance in other games shows a better result in FPS (frame per second) than GTX 680. The above benchmark is tested on i7-3960X @3.3 Ghz and 8 GB of RAM at Maximum settings.

Benchmark at resolution of 2560x1600 :

Game Performance for the GeForce GTX 780 vs. GTX 680 at 2560x1600.
(Photo :

At resolution of 2560x1600 the architectural improvements of GK110 shine, allowing the GTX 780 to run 36% faster in Battlefield 3, 29% in Crysis 3 and 22% faster in Metro Last Light.

Read more about benchmarks, construction of GTX 780 and more here.

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