Monday, 9 December 2013

Nokia RM-977 a affordable Lumia device with 4.5 inch display and Dual-SIM slots

Zauba – an organization handling the import of tech into India – yesterday has listed 43 units of the Nokia RM-977 as being brought in from Finland for "intercompany use for testing and evaluation purposes only".

The details on the device are lacking but the screen size is listed as 4.5" which is the same size as the Lumia 92x handsets but a bit smaller than the 4.7" Lumia 625.

The price of the device is listed as INR 8,000 ($130), same price as the Lumia 520, but much cheaper than the INR 15,000 ($245) price for the Lumia 625. So, what is it? The info on the site says it's a single-SIM device, so that rules out a dual-SIM Asha (those are under INR 5,000 anyway).

The site actually lists two versions with the same model number. The second version is marked "dual-SIM" which is expected to be Moneypenny.

Is it a Lumia 520's equivalent of the 625 – same specs, bigger screen? We won't know until it's official or at least until someone leaks it.


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