Wednesday, 25 June 2014

The next Android version is here - Android L

The next big thing Google displayed is it's next upcoming Android version which is named as Android L (full name is yet to be confirmed) developer preview.

Previously, Google would unveil it's new Android version and then it would be available immediately to be downloaded in few weeks but now Google announced an Developer Preview for developers to play with it and optimize their Apps according to it and Sundar Pichai said that it will be available for smartphone by end of this year.

This new Android L brings various changes to the UI, refreshed status bar, dialer and almost all every other system applications (Google apps). Google also re-designed the transition animations so that they look more natural and cooler. Notifications has also been enhanced making it available directly at the Lockscreen allowing you to tap on it to go to the application responsible for notification (or) just swipe it off the screen.

Google has also improved it's default browser Google chrome by bringing new fluid design, improved UI changing the size of content to give a more smoother access to it. It's performance has also been tweaked and GUI rendering has also been fixed at 60fps making scrolling up and down a lot more smoother and easier.

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Android L runs on ART instead of Dalvik. Google said, ART allows apps to run faster and is compatible with ARM x86 and MIPS architecture. In addition to this, it supports better memory benefits and 64-bit.

Performance isn't the only thing Google wants you to have with it's latest Android L release. To make battery performance better, Google introduced Project Volta. There's new battery saver mode which can tune down CPU, switch off FM Radio and as a result you get 90 minutes of extra usage.

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The major difference between previous and this Android release is that it separates Work and Personal data. No modification is required for existing apps, Android will keep the data separate and secure.

Samsung also contributed it's KNOX but the feature will work on devices by any manufacturer and Best of it is that you won't need Android L for it, this feature will be brought to all devices running Android 4.0 ICS and above.

Google also introduced it's new Google Fit app which pulls data from your phones sensors, smartwatch sensors and other wearables. Nike Fuleband is one of it but Adidas, Motorola, LG, Bais, Polar, RunKeeper, HTC and Intel will be bringing supported devices.

Google Fit will track your sleep, steps and other health metrics. Apps can request access to this data but it's all upto you to grant it or deny it.

Factory images of Android L for Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 will be released tomorrow for developers to work on it and Over-the-air update of Android L will be released to devices by end of this fall.

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