Tuesday, 17 June 2014

OnePlus starts "Storming Invites!" contest with free "One" device to winner

After a long wait, the OnePlus team has officially started a contest named "Storming Invites!" in which you are asked to complete a couple of tasks and then share it on facebook, twitter and other social networking websites to gain more points.

At the end of the contest, whoever collects the greatest points wins invites to buy OnePlus One which he/she can use to buy the device and share the spare with their friends and a free OnePlus One device is too given to the winner.

NOTE :- Only the winner doesn't get the invites, there's total 2,500 invites (one for each of top 2,500 people).

So, all you need to do is - Enter the contest, gather as many entries as you can and then wait for the winner to be announced exactly after 6 days from now.


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