Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Moto 360 to support Wireless charging

Tomorrow is the day when Google uncovers most of the surprises of the year and there's lot of them and among which Moto 360 smartwatch is one of it.

It is being highly anticipated by consumers all over the world who loves to try out every new Tech thing being unveiled and Moto 360 pricing and availability is highly expected to be announced tomorrow at Google I/O. Alongside of Moto 360, Samsung and LG are expected too to make their debut.

It's only matter of hours when Google I/O starts but an FCC has revealed ahead of Moto 360 debut that it will be supporting Wireless Charging.

In the test fill, "Motorola Wireless Charging" is listed as "intended to be used for Moto 360 which shows that indeed Moto 360 will support Wireless charging. The charger uses Wireless Power Consortium protocol which is commonly known as Qi indicating that Moto 360 will sit on top of the Wireless charger to charge itself.

Motorola is expected to announce availability and price of Moto 360 tomorrow at Google I/O.

Source (FCC)

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