Wednesday, 25 June 2014

A New Android version and Android TV has been confirmed to be announced at Google I/O 2014

It's only few hours when Google I/O 2014 officially kicks off from 9:00 AM PDT (9:30PM IST) and there's already some thing being confirmed directly and indirectly.

There's already a confirmation being made that Google will announce a whole new major updated Android version at it's Keynote session which will be previewed by Sundar Pichar and on the other side Riptide GP2 changelog showed off support for upcoming Android TV.

Android TV

Riptide GP2 game developer Vector Unit has accidentally listed Support for Android TV in it's changelog but now it's being reverted. It wasn't too late before people captured that information on their screen and posted it online.

The information we know is that the Android TV will support Split-screen mode, Safe-zone adjustment screen and it's said to be an improved version of Chromecast or lets just say it's competitor to Amazon's Fire TV or Apple TV.

We'll know more about this in few hours as Google I/O starts in few hours and we do surely know that it's going to support games on it (or) Streaming your game on TV (maybe) ??

Next Android Version - Lollipop??

It's been confirmed from certain sources that Google will be introducing it's new major updated version of Android after so many 4.xx versions and it's been said that it's going to start with the letter "L" and there's already guess being made around.

According to Phonearena sources, the next new Android version will be named as Lollipop. Yeah, we know that sounds something childish but that's how Google names it's Android versions relating to famous treats.

However, it hasn't been confirmed officially from Google. So, keep calm and wait for it to be named officially at Google's I/O 2014 today. Senoir Vice President Sundar Pichai has indicated that he will preview the newest Android version OS during Google's Keynote today.

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