Monday, 19 May 2014

Report : Nokia (owned by Microsoft now) is planning to bring a better X in near future

Nokia's first Android device created a lot of buzz all around the internet before it was announced officially from the company. Some even doubted the Nokia X existence but when it was released, it all stopped.

Nokia XL Dual SIM

When Nokia received feedback from it's all of the customers all around the globe (wherever it was launched), the only negative point about the device was it's Home button which Nokia is rumored to fix it in other devices of the X family which will be coming soon.

Reports suggest that this time Nokia might bring the X family to a whole new level which means we expect Nokia to announced mid and High-end devices too in the X series.

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However, Nokia is already in work to fix the negative parts of the X family which users faced with it and will announce a better device in coming months. So, all we could do for now is wait and watch.

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