Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Lenovo launches N20 and N20P Chromebooks for $279

The world's largest PC manufacturer has officially stepped into the Chromebook market by launching two different Chromebooks - N20 and N20P costing $279 in July and $329 in August respectively. Though ChromeOS is not the OS you would want for daily usage but it's just "Perfect" for your business usage providing almost unbreakable security from Google.

These two Chromebooks have nothing much different except that the N20P can roate 300 degree making it just a Tablet (or) you could say just touchscreen but unfortunately ChromeOS isn't suited to do that for now.

The both N20 and N20P features 11.6 inch HD display with resolution of 1366x768, powered by 4th generation Haswell Intel Celeron processor, 2Gigabytes of RAM (upgradeable to 4GB for smooth experience), 16Gigabytes of storage and obviously runs on ChromeOS.

Watch this news in Video :

With the launch of these two chromebooks, Lenovo might have brought something to worry for Microsoft about it's devices which start from $399 and also Lenovo also launches these Chromebooks to compete with Acer, Samsung, HP, Dell and Toshiba.

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