Thursday, 17 April 2014

Sprint introduces WeGo, a handset targeting 5-year old Kids for $120

Sprint is not the first network provider to target Kids for their markets, some years ago Verizon also introduced Firefly Mobile and LG Migo for Kids ranging from 5-10 years old.

However, Sprint's WeGo is an Handset targeting Kids from 5-12 years old allowing them to make calls by using the button on front to approved contacts (by parents), scroll between contacts by using buttons on right side and a string attached from inner upper side of the device.

The ring on the string acts like an emergency part of the device which when pulled by the kid it sounds an alarm and sends an alert to the parents device making them know that their kid is in danger or something sort of like that.

After receiving the text alert, when the parent calls their kid back the device automatically activates microphone and camera on the front.

The device also sends alert to parents when the kids goes beyond Speed limit which occurs due to accelerometer. It also allows one to set multiple "geofences" for locations which sends alerts to parents when the kid reaches that part.

In fact, indeed this handset is for the safety of the child and acts as an security system for you when you are not around to take care of your kid.

However, the handset will cost you $120 and $10 for every month for 1,000 minutes of talks, 1,000 text message alerts because there is no keypad on the device and the text messages are limited to 50 preset phrases such as "I am at School", "Call me", "I am with grandpa" etc.,


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