Monday, 7 April 2014

Nokia started rolling out software update v1.4 for Asha 230, 500, 501, 502 and 503

Nokia today has officially started rolling out an software update v1.4 for it's latest devices in Asha series - Asha 230, 500 , 501, 502 and 503.

This software update brings a lot of things to the Asha smartphone which includes improved Camera, support for OneDrive cloud storage, faster Fastlane and parental control. As usual, to update your Asha to software update v1.4 go to Settings> Phone Update.

Improved Camera

The improved camera has new imaging enhancements and while taking selfie's you need not worry if your face is being shot or not because the Asha will guide you left, right, up or down and take great selfie's in no time. The camera update also brings Panorama feature.


Cloud Storage & Mix Radio

This new cloud storage support will automatically or manually able to upload your files, photos to the Microsoft's OneDrive with 7GB of free storage to use for you.


Nokia also brought it's much awaited music online streaming app to it's Asha series (i.e Mix Radio). Mix Radio allows you to listen to your favorite artists online and also allows you to download them for offline usage if you liked it.

A Faster Fastlane

The improved and faster Fastlane now brings all your social friends closer to you because now Re-tweets, Likes will now pop-up on your Fastlane as the birthdays used to do before this update.

Parental Control

Now the parental control allows you to set-up Passwords or PIN's in order to avoid extra data-charges, access to store, putting a stop to unwanted downloads and much more.


The Update has already started rolling out globally and should be soon at your device before you even know it. So, keep looking out for it in your Fastlane or just simply go to Settings> Phone Update. That's all


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