Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Microsoft officially unveiled Windows Phone 8.1, brings Action center and much more..

Microsoft today at it's Build conference officially announced the rumored coming of Windows Phone 8.1 with a lot of new features and the most important thing "An notification center". Well it's not named notification center but it's called Action center.

With the introduction of Windows Phone 8.1, Microsoft also announced it's personal virtual voice assistant software called Cortana in Windows Phone 8.1.

Cortana is bing-powered allowing you to set reminders about meetings, places to visit etc., things and also calender events, call people and give you information about the places you plan to visit and much more things that you would expect it to do.

Joe Belfiore confirmed that the Cortana will be first available in US and second in UK and China later follows by other countries.

So, now let's get onto the much talked-about coming of notification center (i.e Action center for Microsoft). It's almost same as the Android one but it does have some customization for direct settings, notifications and all. The things it holds are - customizable quick settings toggles (including brightness, location, rotation lock, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) and below that it has notification drawer with full list of ongoing notifications (including from Cortana).

This WP 8.1 also brings a new style of home screen which allows apps to have the style of custom wallpapers which will be overlayed on icons to change the theme or alter it's functionality together. Joe Belfior showcased some bunch of lock-screens and also displayed calender entries with some good designs and the WP 8.1 also allows tiles to have custom background for start screen.

The WP 8.1 also has in-built IE11 with Incognito mode, capability to upload files, tuned up password manager, support for WebGL and Youtube's HTML5 video player. WP 8.1 also comes with VPN support and S/MIME which allows you to sign and encrypt your e-mail.

The WP 8.1 will release to devices in few months and the new devices running it will start from April/early May. Though Microsoft didn't specified which devices will have WP 8.1 out of the box but we guess Nokia is on it's way to announce it soon.

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