Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Microsoft is testing gesture sensing PC Keyboard

Recently from a research paper published by Microsoft, it shows that they are experimenting with some ways to combine trackpad gestures on traditional PC keyboards. Microsoft reveals a prototype that combines Apple keyboard with an array of infrared proximity sensors with an ending result as same as HP's Leap Motion.

At this start, the keyboard supports gestures like swipe to scroll, a virtual steering to play games and pinch-to-zoom in and out.

(Image credit : Microsoft)

While there are few of these type already available in the market such as the Tobii which was showcased by a company at CES but way expensive for an alternative to Keyboard/mouse. Looking at the Microsoft's work, if this thing from them comes soon to market then it should be cheap and much affordable than the other gadgets.

For now, it's only a prototype. So, it's some far away to launch but it's not impossible from Microsoft's side of research of gesture keyboard. The manufacturer has hinted that it will be looking to extend this hardware in future.


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