Monday, 10 March 2014

Nokia X is available now officially for Rs. 8,599 in India

Nokia has officially put up the X version of the Nokia X family for sale today for Rs. 8,599 and it's available at this rate at only and the actual rate for the device is Rs. 9,499 which is quite over priced for it's hardware. Maybe soon we will see a deducted price for this device if offer of 9% is removed.

The Nokia X is available in Green, Black, White and Orange with Cyan and Yellow as Coming soon which we expect to hit as soon as Tomorrow morning.

Nokia has also listed the X+ and the XL has coming soon which points that the X+ and the XL is indeed will be available in under 1.5 month. However, the the devices are over-priced then we will see an unlikely deduction in Nokia X family price in coming days.

People who are looking for Nokia X in Green, Black, White and Orange except Cyan and Yellow, can just click on the source link below to browser for the selection of choice.

We have bought one for ourself, are you buying one for yourself or your loved ones ? Let us know below in comments section :)


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