Friday, 21 February 2014

Samsung releases a trailer, hints at two different models of Galaxy S5

Samsung has officially released a trailer video hinting at all the possibilities that Galaxy S5 may have. This trailer doesn't hints nothing new but does confirms recent reports and rumors all around the internet.

(Image from : Samsung Trailer)

From the trailer, Samsung confirms that indeed they will be unveiling two different Galaxy S5 models and one of them is said to be called as Galaxy S5 Prime by SPIGEN Casemaker listing on Amazon.

The trailer also confirms that the Galaxy S5 will be Water-resistant will be able to survive for longer time under-water and capture videos and images. It means it will be Water-proof but we don't know yet if both models will be water proof (or) one of them.

But soon on Monday Feb 24th, we will know about it officially from Samsung talking about Galaxy S5 in detail there at Barcelona MWC14.


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