Friday, 7 February 2014

LG schedules event on February 13th, G Pro 2 to go official

From all the reports and suggestions, the LG G Pro 2 was said to go official at MWC 2014 by end of February but now LG has come-up with an event on 13th February stating "Knock Knock Knockin'on" which kinda suggests some device with tap to lock and un-lock it.

Maybe it is G3 which will be unveiled on 13th February but the strong rumors and reports expect it to be G Pro 2 to go official on Feb 13th.

The image too kind off teases G Pro 2 to go official. Observing the image, the man stands in the position of "P" which means it can be G Pro 2 which will go official on Feb 13th. Maybe we could be wrong, maybe it's G3 (or) maybe it's G Pro 2.

The strong recommendations are that G Pro 2 will be official on Feb 13th at 01:00 PM. However, we'll need to see and wait to hear something from LG on the event.


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