Monday, 20 January 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 will have Fingerprint Scanner instead of Iris

According KoreanHerald anonymous source, Samsung is testing different types of biometric scanners but has deemed the iris (read eye) an unintuitive one. Just imagine getting your eye close to the front of the device every time you want to unlock it. Now imaging doing so in a dark room, cinema or when you're wearing sunglasses.

There's also been previous reports already that Samsung "MAY" skip the Iris scanner for it's upcoming flagship device and now from Sources it's confirmed (not officially) that Galaxy S5 will indeed not be having Iris scanner but instead it will be focusing on fingerprint scanner.

Samsung's executive Vice President Lee Young-hee's claim that "The company is studying iris recognition as an option, it will reportedly focus instead on embedding a fingerprint scanner under the display so that the device will unlock once you touch it."

However, IriTech Inc. and Sambon Precision has declined reports of having talks with the Korean Samsung Electronics but the Swedish fingerprint-scanning firm Fingerprint Cards AB, however, has acknowledged that it's talking with major smartphone makers, including Korean ones. 

We have already seen devices with finger-print scanner like Apple's iPhone 5S and HTC's One Max. As it turned out, though, the HTC One Max arrived to the market later than Apple's flagship. 

Also, there are reports that LG might be in works with the embedding fingerprint-scanner in it's upcoming rumored G3 device. As this total report is unofficial and unconfirmed, we advice you to take this as just a pinch of salt and wait for official words from the company. 


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