Sunday, 19 January 2014

Motorola Moto G Dual-SIM version debuts in Australia, Coming Soon to other markets

When the Moto G was officially announced, Motorola said in their statements - There's also a Dual-SIM version coming soon but it didn't announced any specific date for it's availability. Now via the official page of Motorola Australia we see Moto G Dual-SIM making it's debut there.

Though the pricing for this Dual-SIM version of Moto G hasn't been announced, we expect it to cost as same as the normal Moto G version. However, we will soon be seeing Moto G (normal version and Dual-SIM version) announced in other markets too.

Regarding specifications, nothing has been changed except there's a Dual-SIM slots instead of One Single SIM slot.

Motorola Moto G has been a successful launch in the markets but with the Dual-SIM version Motorola can achieve success in emerging nations such as India. Recently, we have also seen Moto G GPE listed on Ebay.

Motorola Moto G will be available globally by end of January.


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