Thursday, 23 January 2014

Make Videos for EA Ronku Program and get Paid

Today, EA has officially launched a new program called EA Ronku which allows Youtubers to make videos of games they love the most to play with and simultaneously get paid for the Assignment (in video form) given by EA through Ronku program to the Youtubers.

EA Ronku is a place where one Youtuber could just make a video with certain "Rules" to be followed by the participant while making a video of the Assignment provided to them by EA Ronku.

Most importantly, EA demands that the participant to be 18+ of age and after the Youtuber applies for the program EA takes some time to review your account and make verification of age and some other certain demands by EA.

However, after the acceptance of application from EA, they could anytime terminate your account if you break the rules (or) simply reject your video assignment if it doesn't meets the requirements from EA.

To Know More about this program Just go to the "Terms and Conditions" page and to participate in the Program go to "Login Page."


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