Friday, 13 December 2013

Sony's press conference confirmed, scheduled for January 6th

As the New Year's Eve gets closer with time and celebration and the of course the CES event, Sony is all set for it's press conference which is scheduled just before a day of CES event on January 7th (i.e Jan 6th).

The Sony Press Conference will be held on Jan 6th at LVCC (Las Vegas Convention Centre) starting from 5PM Local Time and will be running up for 45 minutes. Sony has listed a total of 15 device categories, including tablets, netbooks, photography equipment and accessories, e-books, 3D video, portable and high-performance audio.

Sony is expected to launch a new Xperia Tablet (or) a Windows Tablet but Sony will be unveiling Xperia Z1S/Mini at the CES event.


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