Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Microsoft is considering Windows Phone and Windows RT for free to device makers

Microsoft has been experiencing a low market share in all global markets against Android and iOS but now Microsoft is considering Windows Phone and Windows RT versions for free to device makers to come-up and give it's OS market share for smartphone's a boost.

According to sources familiar with this matter, free future versions are under serious consideration by OS Chief Terry Myerson. The plans aren’t fully set in stone, but they’re part of broader changes Myerson is planning for the future of Windows. Microsoft is currently planning and developing future updates, including a "Threshold" update that’s designed to bring back the Start menu and provide more flexibility for desktop users.

The Verge, has been told that the free versions of Windows Phone and Windows RT will likely be delivered with the Threshold range of updates. 

Microsoft currently licenses Windows RT and Windows Phone software to device makers, and the majority of its Windows revenue comes from OEMs who build systems based on Windows 8 and Windows RT. While Microsoft generates revenue from Windows Phone licenses, Nokia dominates shipments of Microsoft-powered handsets with over 80 percent market share. Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s phone business removes the largest source of potential Windows Phone license revenue. 

By considering Windows Phone and Windows RT OS for free to the device makers, Microsoft is trying to target Android and iOS operating systems and this would also target Google's Ad revenue.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has previously admitted that consumer services "are tough," and any prospect for generating revenue is fraught with competition. "Other than phone companies, there really aren't many technology and large subscription consumer services, and outside of Google and maybe Facebook it is hard to find a business that is significant that is ad-funded," said Ballmer recently.

Recent reports has also suggested that Microsoft has been talks with HTC to cut (or) remove Windows Phone license fees if the software is loaded on HTC's Android devices. It's still not officially confirmed from HTC that they agree to such a plan. 


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