Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Samsung now sells 1 million mobile devices in a single day

David Eun, executive vice president at Samsung revealed today that Samsung now sells 1 million mobile devices in a single day including smartphones, tablets, Notes and anything related to mobiles from Samsung at an Developer conference.

David Eun's message was as follows talking about Samsung's next goal is getting them all to communicate with one another.

"We know many of these devices and screens are connected. This is largely due to the fact that some 40 percent of the population connects to the internet. We hope to build along with you one of the largest platforms in the world for content, services, apps and ads. We call this the connoted home, and the connected life."

Samsung has helped shape Android into the premiere platform for mobiles, and it's obvious it wants to extend this into other consumer applications as well. By putting out a million mobile devices daily, the Koreans certainly have a large client base at their fingertips to do just that. 


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