Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Nokia Asha 503 leaked in official press image

The notorious Evleaks has once again provided the world with the official press image of the Nokia's unannounced Asha 503.

The dual-SIM Asha 501 has been in market for a quite time now while it's Single SIM version is still in rumorland. Recently we have also seen Asha 502 with a LED flash on its back and slightly different shell compared to the Asha 500/501 duet.


Now via Evleaks, we can see Single SIM version of the Asha 502 named as Asha 503 and it looks exactly the same as Asha 502 and is Wi-Fi enabled and has a LED flash next to its camera at the back.

Nokia Asha 503 will go official on October 22nd at Abu Dhabi starting from 11:00 AM and ending at close to 1 PM ,along with it Nokia will also be unveling it's most rumored 6 inch FULL HD phablet, Windows RT tablet and bunch of more Asha series smartphones. 


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