Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Motorola officially announces Ara, a PhoneBlok concept device

You may have seen the famous PhoneBlok concept video by Dave Hakkens which was amazingly loved by everyone and everyone hoped it to be successfully adopted by some company and make it reality.

What if someone really adopted the idea ? Motorola announced Ara, the smartphone based on PhoneBlok concept by Dave Hakkens and may become real one day.

Just like the PhoneBloks, Motorola Ara will have removable modules allowing you to easily repair and upgrade the device to your needs. This makes easy for people to customize their device with latest processors, camera and more in less cost.

The Motorola Ara project has been in development for a year now, so it's not something Motorola put together when they saw the Phonebloks video. Motorola will also be working with the creator of the Phonebloks concept Dave Hakkens on the Ara project.

Mototola is soon expected to release invites for developers to start working on modules for the Ara and an alpha version of a Module Developer's Kit will be released in winter.


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